Praise for the book

“Domain Names Rewired takes a topic so far reserved for specialists—ICANN’s upcoming release of over 1,000 new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs)—and makes plain why everyone else should care about it, and how they should think about the threats and opportunities that the resulting new Internet will present to them and their businesses. With full command of the technical aspects of the topic and keen awareness of the relevant historical precedents, Wolfe and Chasser spell out the impact of the new regime on existing Internet business models and predict the emergence of new ones. Just as in the settlement of the American West, the new frontiers opened by ICANN’s regime will open doors to a new breed of pioneers, cowboys, trappers, prospectors, and miners. Like their predecessors in American history, only those who are well prepared for the new environment will succeed. Reading Domain Names Rewired is a great way to begin the preparation.”
— Horacio Gutierrez, Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft


“Domain Names Rewired is a must-read for anyone in the branding business. As the Internet expands with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of new gTLDs, branding professionals need to understand how to build and protect their brands in this newly complicated world. Wolfe and Chasser provide useful insights about the present, thoughtful observations about future trends, and a how-to-prosper guide for these changing times.”
— Alan Drewsen, Executive Director, INTA (International Trademark Association)


“What they did for brands in Brands Rewired, Jennifer Wolfe and Anne Chasser have now done for domain names. For anyone
who wants to know why domain names can be pivotal corporate assets, and how to ensure that they are, Domain Names Rewired is
required reading. Jen and Anne get it, once you finish reading this book you will too.”
— Joff Wild, Editor, IAM (Intellectual Asset Magazine)